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Curriculum Overview

Ensuring that all members of the school community learn and progress is a priority at The Elmgreen School. We are committed to ensuring that every student achieves above their perceived potential- we want all students, whatever their starting point, to succeed beyond what may be seen as their best.

We are striving to meet this commitment in 3 key ways:

  1. Setting the bar high for achievement
    • Every teacher being accountable for the progress made by the students they teach
    • Setting targets that measure student progress against the top 10% of achievement in similar schools
    • Using whatever support and intervention is needed to help individuals
    • Planning lessons that engage and develop the students based on our knowledge of their needs
    • Ensuring that students know their most recent attainment and what they need to do next to succeed
    • Marking work regularly and accurately – giving detailed feedback on major pieces of work
  2. Offering diverse, high quality teaching and learning
    • Being passionate about our subjects, the school and lifelong learning
    • Employing the full range of learning styles to engage all students
    • Planning for enjoyable, imaginative lessons that provide memorable learning experiences
    • Giving students’ opportunities to develop independent learning skills including problem solving, collaborative work and sustained activities to build confidence and resilience
    • Using questioning and student talk to develop and deepen understanding
    • Sharing best practice in teaching and learning through learning walks, lesson observations, work scrutiny and INSET days
  3. Enabling the adults in the school to constantly improve their knowledge and understanding of the skills that enable teaching and learning to be effective
    • Having an open door policy in our classrooms to create a culture of sharing good practice and reflecting on ways to improve
    • Taking risks by applying what we learn from research, training or peers to enable fresh teaching methods
    • Contributing to, and engaging with, training programmes and continuing professional development
    • Recognising hard work and celebrating innovative practice
    • Setting ourselves SMART targets in our Performance Management procedures
    • Providing access to high quality training including Masters programmes and coaching