At The Elmgreen School, we believe in the transformative power of enrichment activities. These experiences are a pathway to developing essential life skills, sparking lifelong interests, and fostering robust networks of friendship and community. 
Enrichment is woven into the very fabric of our school life, offering every student the chance to explore, achieve, and thrive beyond the traditional academic curriculum.

Varied Interests 
From the thrill of sports to the creative pulse of the arts, our range of clubs is as varied as the interests of our students. With activities scheduled for lunchtimes and after school, we ensure that every student from Year 7 to Year 13 has the opportunity to engage with something they love or discover something entirely new.

Broadening Horizons 
Learning doesn't stop at the classroom door. Throughout the academic year, our departments host a series of educational trips that bring subjects to life in vivid detail. These excursions are designed to complement and enhance our students' in-class learning.

Super Curricular Week: A Grand Finale to the School Year 
As the summer term draws to a close, Super Curricular Week offers a grand finale to our enrichment programme. During this special week, students in Years 7-10 step out of the timetable and into a world of exciting activities and explorations. It's a time to celebrate the vibrant culture and opportunities of our city, ensuring every student can partake in the rich tapestry of experiences London has to offer.

At The Elmgreen School, enrichment is an integral part of your educational journey. See some of the weekly clubs we have on offer:

Weekly Clubs and Activities