How the Governing Board Works

The governing board has a number of key responsibilities which are delegated to it by The Trustees of the Dunraven Educational Trust (the 'Trust') and set out in the scheme of delegation approved by the Trust and published on its website.

  • monitor and challenge the progress of the school in achieving its priorities
  • monitor the schools finances in line with the allocated budget
  • recruit and performance manage the headteacher
  • ensure the school meets its statutory responsibilities
  • ensure the premises are well managed
  • community engagement

The working of the Local Governing Body is set out in the Trust's scheme of delegation 

The governors carry out these functions through its  meetings held 5 times per year and  visits to the school.

Some governors have specific named responsibilities. These currently are

Health and Safety David Timms
Pupil Premium Joan O'Mahony
Safeguarding & Child Protection Nick Woodward
SEN and Inclusion Holly Mann
Training and Development Joan O’Mahony