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Baccalaureate Scholarship


To qualify students must achieve the following grading criteria in their GCSE’s:
£400 – Platinum Award requires 7 x GSCE grades 7/8/9
£300 – Gold Award grades 5 x GSCE grades 7/8/9
£200 – Silver Award requires 7 x grades 6/7/8/9 at GCSE including English Language and Literature grade 6 and Maths grade

Benefits of the Scholarship Programme

  • The scholarship payment will be paid in two instalments after successful continuation of their selected subjects .
  • The choice to study up to 4 A Level courses with a recommendation of at least two in a ‘facilitating subject’ for students who have a minimum point score of 52 (equivalent to 7 or more A/A* grades at GCSE).
  • An external professional mentor linked to an area of business or academia in a profession of interest to you.
  • Weekly Academic Tutor meetings for students wishing to complete the Extended Project Qualification which is equivalent to an AS (Advanced Subsidiary) qualification.
  • An enrichment offer that will include trips to an Oxbridge University, ‘Getting into higher education’ conference, visiting mentor from an Oxbridge or Russell Group university.
  • A personalised leadership programme that develops your skills in your specialist subject area.
  • Support and guidance in securing work experience in your chosen profession.
  • A Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) programme that is specifically tailored to you.

Bursary Fund

The purpose of the Bursary is to provide support to students aged 16-19 who are experiencing particular financial difficulty with meeting some of the costs associated with learning. The funds will be given in the form of equipment and materials to support independent learning, access to activities that enhance capital culture and meeting the reasonable costs of travel to visit universities.

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