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At The Elmgreen School we are yet again very proud of our young people as they collect their A level results and prepare for the next stage of their life.  Our A Level results, as ever, are very strong and remain at the national average for A/A* grades and we exceeded our targets for A and B grades. We are also above the national average for A to C grades. We are also really pleased with our individual success stories. Ali Ibacherine Frith achieved two A*s and an A and is studying English at Sussex. Luca Ducceschi achieved A*AB and is studying Economics at Warwick. We always keep a special eye out for our Head Boy and Head Girl. Johannes achieved AAB and is studying Law at Warwick. Poppy achieved straight A’s and has secured a place at Bristol. Well done to both of them for managing to balance those responsibilities so successfully. William Leah achieved an AAB and is reading History at Manchester. Kester Abbott achieved AAC and has secured a place at Goldsmiths. David Gopaul, Isabelle Gray and Adil Sheikh all achieved ABB and are going to Sussex, Exeter and Queen Mary University of London respectively.

At The Elmgreen School we attach equal weight to our more vocational qualifications. Increasingly industry is looking for high quality Level 3 qualifications.  The following students have achieved Distinctions and Distinction Stars in two subjects. Selina Braithwaite is studying Fashion at the University for the Creative Arts, Jasmine Griffiths is studying Marketing at the University of West England in Bristol, Ashan Shepherd is studying Sports Science at St Mary’s in Twickenham. Sagnii Feleke is studying Business Management at Coventry. Bradley Williams is pursuing high level apprenticeships.

One student I’m particularly proud of is Ana Soares Ramos. In the summer holiday before Year 11 started Ana, with her mother, essentially camped in the reception of the school until we took her on as a student. She had just arrived from Brazil and was determined she wasn’t going to be shunted into anything other than an excellent education. Three years later she has achieved AABC in her A levels and is off to study Maths at Leeds. A fabulous example of what we stand for as a school but even more for how determination and perseverance is always rewarded in the end.

I’m sure you will join with me and the staff in congratulating everybody, not just here but at all of our SL6 schools. A Level results are an important milestone and this really is the point where our young people start to become young men and women and go out into the big world. We hope they take The Elmgreen Way with them and have a fantastic time in what they do next.

Dominic Bergin


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