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The Key Stage 5 Assessment System


The Elmgreen Sixth Form’s vision is to ‘to foster aspiration and develop excellence in all’.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality post 16 educational experience in the local community by equipping every student with the knowledge, skills and qualifications they require to progress beyond their perceived potential.

The targets we set for students are generated using ALPS which uses students own GCSE results. Our expectation is that all students will make the same if not better progress as the top 25% of students in their subjects nationally.

Students are monitored and assessed at regular intervals. If students are making unsatisfactory progress, families will be notified by the subject teacher, Academic Tutor, Head of Year or Director of Sixth. Students are also celebrated when they are making excellent progress.

The Go Green Campaign is an intervention used for all students and is a way of tutors and teachers monitoring progress towards target grades. All students are aiming to ‘Go Green’ which translates to them making progress towards their target. The following colour codes are used:

Red  seriously below target;

• Amber making progress towards target;

• Green on target;

Blue  mastered.

Students who are on ‘red’ are closely monitored by their academic tutors within the TES6 GROW Mentoring Programme which is designed to get maximum results through focused target setting and structured GROW conversations.

On the reports to families we report on attainment, Current grade, internal examinations result, meeting deadlines, engagement within lessons and independent learning. We apply a 1234 scores to Meeting Deadlines, Engaged with lessons and Independent learning. They mean the following:

1 = Maximum – the maximum effort has been put in to achieve the target level

2 = High – high effort has been put into achieve the target level

3 = Sufficient – satisfactory effort has been put in to achieve the target level

4 = Insufficient – insufficient effort has been put in to achieve the target level

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