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The Key Stage 4 Assessment System


The information on this page explains the Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) assessment and reporting model.

Assessment and reporting at Key Stage 4 is designed to:

  1. Ensure students achieve their target grade at GCSE and BTEC
  2. Enable families and students to identify strengths and areas for development
  3. Provide guidance with regards progression post-16


Target Grades

At the beginning of Year 10 students and families are informed of the target grade for each GCSE or BTEC subject. These are determined by evaluating a child’s Key Stage 2 results. The target grade will remain the same throughout Year 10 and Year 11.

There is a recognition that students are working towards their target. It is therefore expected that a student in Year 10 will achieve results in their end of year exams within two grades of their target. In Year 11 students undertake two Pre-Public Exams (Mock Exams). In November of Year 11 there is an expectation that students are no more than one grade from their target. Students should be achieving their target grade in their February Pre-Public Exam.



Students are assessed regularly. Students are provided feedback every two weeks by their class teacher. This will generally take the form of written comments.

In addition, a number of formal assessments are undertaken. These Pre-Public Exams mirror the paper your child will undertake and are sat in exam conditions.

Pre-Public Exams
Year 10 Year 11
December November
February February
June Public Exams: May/June


Reporting & Parents Evening

Following each formal assessment you will receive a report. This will provide you with guidance regarding progress. Please note that in Year 10 and Year 11 students receive a full written report each year. With regards Parents’ Evenings, there are two such events in Year 11. These follow Pre-Public Exams.

Reporting & Parents’ Evening
Year 10 Year 11
November Parents Evening December Parents’ Evening & Written Report
January Report March Parents’ Evening & Report
February Report August GCSE & BTEC Results
July Full Written Report

An example of a Key Stage 4 report, with guidance is below.


Grading System at Key Stage 4

Since 2017 the GCSE grading system has changed from letters to numbers. This is following a reform of all GCSE courses. A Grade 5 is deemed to be a ‘good pass’. A Grade 7 equates to what was a A Grade. Guidance can be found in the link below.

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