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The Key Stage 3 Assessment System


The information of this page explains our Key Stage 3 Progress Reports and Curriculum & Assessment Model.

The Elmgreen School Key Stage 3 Assessment System is designed to:
1. Ensure students are “GCSE Ready” when they reach the end of Key Stage 3
2. Allow students to assess exactly what they can and cannot do
3. Enable families to support students to identify these strengths and areas for development
4. Help students, families and teachers judge whether a student is on track to make the right amount of progress across Key Stage 3

To achieve this we use:

  1. Termly Progress Reports to families
    2. Progress Trackers
    3. Target Percentages
    4. BRAG to measure whether a student is on track

Progress Trackers

At the start of each term your child will be given a Progress Tracker in every subject.  These Progress Trackers will be glued into exercise books and be regularly referred to throughout the term.  Progress Tracker should be viewed as a “Guide to what students are learning” each term.  If a student can successfully show they have confidentially mastered all of the statements on their Progress Tracker then they will have achieved 100% for that term.  These Progress Trackers are purposefully designed to be ambitious and to stretch and challenge students, if your child is not reaching 100% this is not a concern (see Target Percentages below).
Upon completion of their Assessment their teacher will complete the Progress Tracker by ticking each statement accordingly:

  • Red – no evidence of this statement being met;
  • Amber – some evidence of this statement being met;
  • Green – statement achieved;
  • Blue – statement mastered.

When it comes to the End of Year Exams, students will therefore have a list of topics they need to revise first (Amber and Red topics).

Target Percentages

Students are set a Target Percentage for each subject.  These are based on their future predicted GCSE Target Grades. If a student’s GCSE Target Grade (based on prior data) is a 5, then their KS3 Target Percentage will be 50%, if a student’s GCSE Target Grade is 7, then their KS3 Target Percentage will be 70%, etc.

The curriculum has been designed so that if a student meets their Target Percentage in every assessment across Key Stage 3 then they will be “GCSE Ready” at the end of Year 9: they will have made the right progress across Key Stage 3 and will be on track to reach their GCSE Target Grades.

Unlike the National Curriculum Levels of old, a student’s Target Percentage will not change across Key Stage 3, unless your child needs their Target raised.  Their Target Percentage is their Target for the whole of Key Stage 3.  What does change is the level of challenge across Year 7, 8 and 9 – and students, families and teachers will be able to see this through the Progress Trackers.

A student’s Most Recent Assessment grade may change across the year.  Each term students will learn new content and new skills and may achieve more highly in some termly assessments than others.  Again, this is not a concern and will help students know where to target further learning and revision for their End of Year exams.

The key questions to know the answers to are: what is my Target Percentage? What do I need to be able to do from the Progress Tracker in order to meet or exceed that?

The New Progress Report

Our Progress Report and will be posted home to you each term (three times a year).  It is easy to see whether a student is on track to meet their targets though the use BRAG colours.  The colours enable students to see how well they are doing across the academic year, as well as in their most recent assessment.  When used in conjunction with the Progress Trackers, and the Classwork and Homework BRAGs on the report, students and their families will know exactly what they need to work on to improve.

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