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Physical Education


The Physical Education department aims to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life. We will:

  • deliver a comprehensive physical education programme that promotes the development in every child’s physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing
  • deliver an appropriate physical education programme that inspires and empowers students to make wise choices, meet challenges, and exhibit positive behaviours in lifelong fitness activity
  • encourage participation for ALL through an enriched extracurricular programme.


The Physical Education Department at The Elmgreen School aims to create a learning environment where all students have an equal opportunity to develop their physical and mental ability. We expect all students regardless of their ability to reach and strive to their potential.

Physical Education is a vital part of students’ education. We believe that every student should be motivated to achieve their highest possible standard.

Physical Education is a highly valued and popular aspect of the curriculum at The Elmgreen School. All students participate in two hours of Physical Education every week.

The breadth of study in Physical Education at Key Stage 3 includes activities covering the following:

  • Outwitting opponents e.g. games activities;
  • Accurate replications of actions, phrases and sequences e.g. gymnastics;
  • Performing at maximum levels in relation to speed, height, distance, strength or accuracy e.g. athletics;
  • Exercising safely and effectively to improve health and wellbeing e.g. health and fitness activities.

At Key Stage 3 students carry out a series of fitness tests at the beginning of each academic year. These tests, as well as helping as to identify our High Achievers also give us the opportunity to signpost them to the sports that they would be more suited to.

All students at Key Stage 3 follow a programme of study in single or mixed sex classes and change activities every half term. These activities include: Health and Skill Related Exercises, Netball, Handball, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Table Tennis, Rounders, Cricket, Tennis and Athletics.


The Young Leader Award

The Young Leader Award has become a popular course since its introduction to The Elmgreen School in 2011. The course runs on Saturday mornings during term time over a sustained period of time. It is designed to equipped students with the necessary skills required to help and organise sporting activities off site as well as during break and lunch times at school. The qualification teaches generic skills such communication, planning, organisation and teamwork which are passed on to the wider community through the volunteering requirement of all courses.


Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we offer the Full GCSE PE Course over two years which is 60% theory and 40% practical. The theory element covers The Fitness and Body Systems (Component 1) and Health and Performance (Component 2). The practical components include the Practical Performance and the Personal Exercise Programme.

For core PE, students follow four pathways. These are Performance, Leisure & Recreation, Health & Fitness and Aesthetic Appreciation. All the pathways include a range of activities that students have already experienced at Key Stage 3 and new ones such as Rhythmic gymnastics, Yoga, Body combat, Core fitness and Military fitness.


Key Stage 5

At Key stage 5 students study BTEC National in Sport at Diploma and Certificate Levels.

This course will provide pupils the opportunity to pursue their interest in Sport.

This qualification is designed to support progression to higher education in Sport. The principles of sport that students will learn here underpin many aspects of professional life within the sector and reflect the enormous breadth and depth of the subject from principles of anatomy and physiology to talent identification and development, organising sports events and fitness testing for sport and exercise.

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The Physical Education Department at The Elmgreen School offers a range of enrichment activities that give students the opportunity to experience and participate in competitive activities as well as working co-operatively and developing their interpersonal and communication skills. Clubs run before school, during lunch time and after school.

These clubs include: Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Netball, Rugby, Table Tennis, Dance, Trampolining , Health & Fitness, Cricket and Handball.

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