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The Music department at The Elmgreen School is a lively and vibrant place, boasting excellent facilities such as five practice rooms, two large classrooms, a mac suite and professional recording studio; providing students, at all key stages the opportunities to express and develop their performance, composition and listening and appraising skills. Music is an academic subject that equips students with vital skills in communication, leadership, team work, performing and coordination that are considered important whatever career path students at The Elmgreen School choose to follow.


Instrumental tuition

We have 10 visiting peripatetic instrumental teachers who visit the department each week. Instrumental lessons are offered to all students at the price of £100.00 for ten lessons. Students that have Free School Meals are entitled to free instrumental tuition on one instrument. Lessons are available on the following instruments: Voice, Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Bass and Electric Guitar and Drums. Students who have instrumental lessons in school are expected to participate in a minimum of one extra-curricular music activity.


Extra-curricular Music

The importance of extra-curricular music activities in the department is extremely high with a variety lunchtime and afterschool clubs at lunchtime and after school. We currently offer: Choir, Vocal Harmony group, Camarata Orchestra, Samba band, Guitar Club, Salsa Club, Latin Brass, World beats group.


The School Show

The Music department turns into a buzz of excitement each Summer as the School Band rehearses for the School Show. We have had the pleasure of performing to an extremely professional standard in shows such as The Wiz, Bugsy, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors and Oliver and West Side Story. Our most recent success was with the musical “Hairspray”, where the orchestra performed all the music for the show without any adults playing alongside them.


Bright Sparks Concert Trips – Links with The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Students are given the opportunity at all key stages to attend a visit to The Royal Festival Hall and see performances given by The London Philharmonic Orchestra. There are a variety of concerts presented by the orchestra each year that are intended to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of music. In particular, the KS4 and KS5 concerts focus on analysing set-works which form the GCSE and A level syllabi.


Music at KS3

All students in years 7, 8 and 9 are taught Music throughout the year. They have a double lessons perfortmight. Students develop skills in performing, composing and listening and appraising. These are developed through the study of a different and exciting musical project each half term. Music Technology is also a key part of Music education at The Elmgreen School, with all year groups at Key Stage 3 developing their skills on Garage Band and Logic Pro.

  • In year 7: students compose and perform: Rhythm, Using your voice, Keyboard skills, Instruments of the orchestra and Gamalan.
  • In year 8: students compose and perform about The Blues, study Minimalism, Samba, Programme music, Composing       Music for a radio advert and Reggae.
  • In year 9: students learn to compose and perform, Music for film, Dance music, Learning to improvise, Theme and variations and arranging Music using ICT.


Music at KS4 – GCSE Music

GCSE music is viewed as an academic subject by employers and is a valuable qualification for students to study at KS4. Students’ skills from KS3 are developed to a higher degree with students receiving 3 timetabled double lessons per fortnight. High expectations are set for students to achieve well.

Students opting for music at KS4 currently have the choice of studying either GCSE Music following the Eduqas syllabus or BTEC music, which focuses on Music Technology units.


Music at KS5 – A Level Music

The department also offers A Level Music which is a continuation from the Eduqas GCSE Music syllabus. The same structure of Performing, Composing and Listening and Appraising is followed; students are required to analyse set-works in great detail. Students studying this qualification go onto study a variety of courses a University.

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