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“He who controls the past controls the future” George Orwell.


The mission statement for the Elmgreen School History department is:

“Working together to foster a love of learning, cultivating knowledge and skills to succeed inside and outside of the classroom”.


Our vision is

• Our department will work collaboratively, supporting each other to ensure and maintain high expectations of ourselves and our students.

• We want to develop in our students a love of learning that will give them academic confidence, resilience and independence, ensuring that they embrace both challenge and failure to become true Elmgreen Learners.

• Through our lessons we will enable our students to think hard, become problem solvers and be articulate in their written communication.


Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 students will study a comprehensive history education which will allow them to gain a breadth of historical knowledge of both British and International history. Students live in a globalised society and knowledge of how the world they live in came to being will be crucial to them finding their own path in life. The Key Stage 3 curriculum has its foundations based upon historical skills and processes.

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Term 1 The Feudal System – Life in Medieval England Why did Britain want an Empire? How did women gain the vote in 1919?
Term 2 How did the power of the monarchy change during the Medieval period? What was life like on a slave plantation? Was the Treaty of Versailles fair?
Term 3 What role did religion play in the lives of people in Tudor England? What was life like during the Industrial Revolution? How did the Nazis control Germany?
Term 4 How effective was Elizabeth in dealing with her religious problems? How did people gain the vote? Why was their tension between USA and the USSR post WW2?
Term 5 Why did Parliament kill the king? How is America governed? Why was Martin Luther King Significant?
Term 6 Local Study Historical Interpretations How could the Holocaust happen?


Key Stage 4

In key stage 4 students make the transition from learning history to becoming historians. History is the most popular subject option at GCSE. The school follows the AQA specification which allows students to develop their skills of source analysis, historical judgement, analysis and significance. The assessment during the course is broken down into:

• International Conflict 1918-1919

• USA Land of Freedom? 1920-1975

• Power and the People c1100 – present day

• Elizabethan England

The final assessment comprises of two exams of 1 hour and 45 minutes and makes up 100% of the grade.


Key Stage 5

In key stage 5 students develop the skills acquired at GCSE and develop them into analytical and evaluative scholars ready for the demands of University. Elmgreen Alumni are currently studying history at Warwick, Kings College London, Manchester, UCL and for the first time this year Oxford.

The course runs across two years with students study the same two topics for the whole period. In year 13 students complete the coursework component worth 30% of the final grade.

The course components are:

• Stuart Britain 1603-1702

• The Cold War 1945 – 1991

• Coursework: Civil Rights Movement 1865 – 1964

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