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Geography is everywhere! Our aim in the department is to:

  • inspire a curiosity about the world we live in, the diversity of cultures and our physical environment
  • foster a sense of wonder at the beauty of the world around us
  • master the skills needed to navigate, analyse data, and critically evaluate pieces of geographical evidence; to problem-solve and inquire.

“Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future”
Michael Palin

The aims of the Geography Department at The Elmgreen School are to stimulate a sense of awe and wonder about places, help them make sense of the rapidly changing world and their place in it, as well as inspiring students to become local participators and global citizens. The department will support students in their ambition to achieve these aims through a broad and exciting Geographical curriculum.We live in a unique world that is dynamic and inspiring, changing every second of each day. Studying Geography allows us to investigate the complex physical and human processes the continually shape our world. It provides opportunities for people of all ages to build on their own experiences, and apply these to local, national and global issues. Geography builds on a range of skills, developing students’ abilities to use distinctive hands-on tools to open their eyes to the beauty and wonder of the world around them. These transferable skills help to equip students with lifelong learning as responsible global citizens.


Key Stage 3

All students study Geography with topical schemes of work that are taught in a variety of active learning strategies, to develop student’s geographical skills. During the academic year there are opportunities for students to participate in a variety of fieldwork activities.


Key Stage 4

The department currently follows the Edexcel B specification, which includes involves fieldwork along the coastline and in the human environment. In order to carry out this fieldwork we have a residential field trip in Year 11, usually to Norfolk for 3 days. The GCSE is assessed by 3 exams; One on Global Geographical Issues (37.5%), One on UK Geographical Issues (37.5%), and a Decision Making Paper covering People and Environment Issues (25%).


Key Stage 5

The Edexcel specification is also studied at A Level which builds on and further develops the skills learnt at GCSE. The A Level requires 4 days of fieldwork that we carry out during a week-long residential to Wales in the summer of Year 12 in partnership with a number of other local secondary schools. At A Level, units studied vary from Tectonics to Globalisation and from Migration and Coasts, a full specification is available online.

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