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A link to our ebook platform is below.  Username is full email address i.e.   Password is lowercase  library1


‘Above all, our aim is to support your work, and to promote a life-long relationship with books and learning’

The Library is a bright and open space suitably equipped and furnished to support the study requirements of the modern independent learner.

The library currently holds 8,000 volumes fairly evenly split between fiction and non-fiction which is growing. We also have a growing range of digital media including 200 DVDs, and over 10,000 approved websites catalogued on your system. The library is equipped for computer based learning with computer terminals including Apple Mac machines for desk top publishing and multi-media editing. We also have a range of digital media devices including MP3 players and recorders, DVD players and digital cameras for still and moving images.

In addition to core services the library is very active in supporting wider learning and enrichment programmes. Throughout the year the library offers various activities and events including author talks, workshops and educational visits; all intended to build cultural capital and engage students in life-long learning.

You are always welcome to check in with us if your child uses the library after school – just call us directly and we will let you know. We realise our students sometimes lose track of time or forget to inform their parents they are staying late at school.

Personal reading and personal learning are the two drivers of our library and learning resource centre. In operational terms:

  • The library opens at 8am and remains open until 5.30pm to maximise access to our services when they are most useful to students.
  • The library holds daily newspapers covering a variety of political viewpoints and reading ages
  • We also carry magazines from a range of teenage interests
  • The library computing facilities are linked to the rest of the school so students use the same log-in information
  • No library cards are required we use the same card as for other areas, such as cashless catering

A statement from the Reading Agency:

Reading can transform people’s lives. The more you read, the more you know. The more you read, the more you imagine. The more you read the better you understand and the better you connect to people

The Reading Agency

The High Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson

The Pear Affair by Judith Eagle

The Colours that Blind by Rutendo Tavengerwei

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