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The Staff of The Elmgreen School 2017-18

The Leadership Team

Mr D Bergin Headteacher
Mrs A Miller Senior Deputy Headteacher
Mr S Grant Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Ryan Deputy Headteacher
Miss D O’Hana Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Burke Director of Finance and Administration
Mr P Arnett Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Moran Assistant Headteacher
Mr M More Assistant Headteacher
Ms K West Assistant Headteacher
Mrs M Coll Associate Assistant Headteacher


Ms P Anderson Receptionist/Clerical Officer
Ms M Bent Purchase Ledger Assistant
Ms K Callaghan Data Officer
Miss G Daniels PA to Headteacher
Mrs S Grant Administrative Officer – Sixth Form
Mrs C Hart Inclusion Team Support Officer
Ms J Haynes Student Services Officer
Mr G Irish Finance Officer
Miss M Simpson Office Manager/HR Administrator
Mr J Whyton Attendance Officer

Art, Design and Technology

Mrs H Haberfield Head of Department
Ms J Deans Subject Specialist
Miss D Hickey Subject Specialist
Miss H Lamb Subject Specialist
Miss J McLaughlin Head of Year 8
Miss A Nix Subject Specialist
Miss A Wilson-Venn Subject Specialist
Miss K Martin School Technician
Mr R Thomson School Teachnician
Mrs K Waterman School Technician

Business Studies

Miss R Oakley Head of Department
Miss Y Blankson Subject Specialist


Mr S Creed Head of Department
Ms K Browne Subject Specialist

Cover Staff

Mr J Drinkall Cover Supervisor


Ms Z Foster Head of Department
Ms T Dray Subject Specialist
Miss A Hackett Subject Specialist


Miss J Kaur Head of Department
Miss F Doggart Deputy Head of Department
Mr L Moroney Assistant Head of Department
Mr T Buys Subject Specialist
Ms S Clarke Subject Specilist and ITT/NQT Lead
Miss N Dewes Subject Specialist
Mr C Hill Subject Specialist and Teacher in charge of Media Studies
Mrs O Hood Subject Specialist and Personal Development and Destinations Leader (KS5)
Miss L Jones Subject Specialist
Mr D Lester Subject Specialist
Miss S Berhe Subject Specialist
Mr D Thomas Head of Year 9


Mrs B McHugh Examinations Officer


Mr E Newman Head of Department
Mr F Cerqueira Subject Specialist/EAL Co-ordinator
Miss S Meen Subject Specialist
Ms P Smith-Barnes Subject Specialist


Mr D James Head of Department
Mr M Bennett Subject Specialist
Miss A Hutchinson Subject Specialist


Miss C Hunter Head of Inclusion
Mrs S Sumner SENCo and Resourse Base Lead
Miss Z Deakin Deputy SENCo
Mr D Pogson Head of Hearing Support Department
Miss H Tracey SEN Teacher
Miss K Body Deputy Head of College
Mrs G Hudson Deputy Head of College
Mr S Haughton-Campbell Head of Year 7
Mrs L Bishop-Mason Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr T Broom Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms C Cottrell Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss E Drozd Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss J Jaszczak Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss T Meikle Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss J Morgan Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Murphy Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms G Wisson Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Bonavita Teaching Assistant (Hearing Support)
Miss G De Bedout Ardila Teaching Assistant
Mr N Franklin Teaching Assistant
Ms R Lopetrone Teaching Assistant
Mr N Khaira Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Kleszko Teaching Assistant
Miss A Lammy Teaching Assistant
Ms L Myers Teaching Assistant
Miss A Reynolds Teaching Assistant
Mr M Richards Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Roynon Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Wallis Teaching Assistant
Miss K Wallman Teaching Assistant


Mr M Margerison Librarian
Ms J Eagle Library Assistant
Mrs J McKeone Library Assistant
Mr K Texiera School Technician


Mr J Sullivan Head of Mathematics
Mr A McIntosh Lead Practitioner
Mrs S Miggins-Johnson Lead Practitioner
Mrs D Straker Lead Practitioner
Miss T Weruhiu Lead Practitioner
Miss F Horn Subject Specialist
Miss N Mistry Subject Specialist
Ms A Pike Subject Specialist
Mrs A Plant Subject Specialist
Mr H Sandoe Subject Specialist

Midday Supervision

Miss T Moss Midday Meal Supervisor
Mrs F Reddin Midday Meal Supervisor

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs D Young Head of Department
Mrs J Horne Subject Specialist
Ms A Lallemant Subject Specialist
Miss N Rezouki Subject Specialist


Mr S Gravett Head of Department
Mr A Steele Subject Specialist
Mr T Barton Instrumental music teacher (guitar)
Mr M Hibbett Instrumental music teacher (steel pans)
Mr R Keohane Instrumental music teacher (piano)
Miss A Lee Instrumental music teacher (woodwind & piano)
Miss A Mick Instrumental music teacher (piano)
Mr A Payne Instrumental music teacher (drums)
Mr D Preston Instrumental music teacher (guitar)
Miss K Reilly Instrumental music teacher (piano & flute)
Miss T Robinson Instrumental music teacher (choir)
Mr D Weitz Instrumental music teacher (brass & piano)

Physical Education

Mr P Silly Head of Department
Miss E Collinge Subject Specialist (Dance)
Mrs S Gadd Head of Year 10
Mr E Freeman Subject Specialist and Geography
Miss C Lloyd Head of Year 11
Mr K Welsh Pastoral Leader Key Stage 5

Premises Department

Mr S Callan Premises Manager
Mr S Sissani General Maintenance Assistant
Mr N Wallace Senior General Maintenance Assistant

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Ms J Brown Head of Department Religion, Philosophy and Ethics and PSHE
Miss P West Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Subject Specialist


Mrs L Seabright Head of Science
Miss L Murphy Deputy Head of Department
Mr I Baksh Subject Specialist
Mr J Bayfield Subject Specialist
Miss C Cullen Subject Specialist
Mr J Lobban Subject Specialist
Ms C Mathurin Subject Specialist
Mrs S O’ Connell Lead Practitioner
Mr A Odukoya Subject Specialist
Mr O Taylor Subject Specialist
Mr L Thomas Subject Specialist
Mr A Turner Subject Specialist
Mrs P Tolley Senior School Technician
Mr N Kleszko School Technician

Vocational Learning

Mrs B Parchment Subject Specialist
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