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Our families are very positive about the work we do. We are grateful for their continued support and take their views seriously. Please see Ofsted Parent View page here to see our latest results held by this DFE survey and current parents can add their views to that site, or by writing to us or filling in the surveys held at every parens’ evening. I think that the school genuinely strives to give all students a good experience. It is compassionate, caring and children feel safe and known. Effective learning can only take place if students feel cared for and secure.
I am the parent of 2 children one in year 8 and one in year 10. What I like about Elmgreen is the staff’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to issues that arise for my children. This has been consistently true over the four years. My children are happy at the school which gives them a positive attitude to being there and to learning. They enjoy the many after school activities and lunch clubs on offer. There is a friendly and supportive atmosphere which helps them join in and feel part of the school’s community. The ethos of inclusion, where other people matter, is teaching our children a very valuable lesson in getting on with others which they will need for the rest of their lives. I am glad my children go to The Elmgreen School.
Parent of Year 10 and Year 8 Student
The passion of the Head and Senior Team shines through the school- they are extremely committed to making the school a great one for all. I love the ethos of the school (one of the main reasons I chose it). I am so pleased that the school are willing to be courageous and dare to create a truly unique school that places high value both on academic achievement and pastoral care, following a broad, holistic approach to student well-being. As a parent, it felt like a risk to choose such a new school but I am very glad I was prepared to follow and invest in my own beliefs about education. I do not regret my choice at all.
Parent of a Year 9 student
My son is in Year 10 and absolutely loves being a pupil at The Elmgreen School. He doesn’t want to miss school even if he is ill. I have found the school to be holistic not only in caring for my son’s academic education but also helping him to mature into a sensitive and gentle soul who cares for those around him. This, I know, also reflects the ethos of the school. As a parent I feel the school is responsive and has never let me down when dealing with my concerns or suggestions. Its inclusive status relates to pupils and their parents whether they are separated, married single or a guardian. It fits in well with Lambeth Council being a co operative council, I wonder if the Elmgreen School’s success gave the council the confidence to take this journey. To sum up great school, great staff, great ethos resulting in great pupils.
Parent of a Year 10 student
Our daughter is dyslexic and we worried about her making the transition from primary to secondary. However, we are happy to see how the school has recognised her creativity and that in turn has boosted her confidence in both writing and reading. She is well on her way to meeting her goal of reading ten novels by June.
Parent of a Year 7 student
Very clear ethos that grounds the school in everything they do
Parent of Year 10 and Year 8 student
We were very pleased that my daughter got a place at The Elmgreen School two and a half years ago. We were anxious though, as many parents are, about the transition from a very good Primary School to a new Secondary School but to our delight she has thrived academically and is happier and more settled and confident at The Elmgreen School than she has ever been. She has been supported to try out all sorts of activities and we are particularly proud of her passing grade 1 guitar, her piano performances at the Fusion events and her acting and singing in The Wizard of Oz. The tutor system has been brilliant for her too. We are amazed by how responsive the school is; if we need to know anything or have any concerns her tutor always makes contact with us within 24 hours. Our daughter is achieving, safe and supported at The Elmgreen School
Parent of a Year 9 Student


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