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Ofsted Inspection November 13 – 14 November 2013


The school was pleased to welcome Ofsted in November to inspect the school.  The school has been informed that we can now publish the report.  Please click on the link below to read the full report.

We are delighted that the incredibly hard work of the school community was recognised by the Inspection Team.  They rated the school as Good with Outstanding Leadership and Management.  The Governors and staff are incredibly proud of this recognition.

I am most pleased that Ofsted have managed to capture a real flavour of our school in the way the report is written.  In particular their observation that, ‘The school is a highly inclusive community. A positive ethos permeates all aspects of the school’s work,’  is particularly pleasing as this is so central to the school’s work and is responsible for the school’s success.

I was very proud, as I always am, of the students during the inspection.  The Team pointed out that they hadn’t experienced an inspection before where they were approached by so many students who wanted to make clear how great their school was.  The report notes that, ‘positive relationships with the students are very evident,’ and this is also true of the opinions of parents.  The Inspectors were overwhelmed by the positive response to Parent View on their website and were taken aback by the amount of personal letters sent in by families.  My thanks to all of those families who took so much time to explain in detail their view of the school.  I have a folder of  letters on my desk which are full of comments such as, ‘This is a warm, caring, yet educationally ambitious school.  The senior staff are on a dedicated mission to make this the most successful school in Lambeth and I have every faith they will do so.’ The report notes that, Parents are highly supportive of the school and correctly believe that students are well taught.’

It is good to hear Inspectors praising the hard work and dedication of school staff and teachers. Teaching staff have been pleased to read the Inspector’s comments about how, ‘Students throughout the whole school are very positive about their school and are appreciative of the hard work and support of their teachers in helping them learn. They recognise that their behaviour is good, with respectful relationships evident between all in an atmosphere of trust.’ This is a real testament to the efforts we have made as a school but also, I think, a vindication of the approach we have taken to building our community around our clear core values where ‘The leadership team, dynamically led by the headteacher, is driving the ambitious vision in all aspects of the Elmgreen Way.’

Please take time to read the report in full. It will give you a real flavour of where The Elmgreen School is up to at this stage of its development. Staff and Governors feel satisfied that Ofsted have made such a fair and realistic judgement of the school. Ofsted agree with us about the future direction of our improvements and how, ‘The Headteacher’s vision and impact are valued by the whole community. Outstanding leadership inspires staff and students to do their very best.’ I am very grateful for the unflinching support of our local community, in particular since the last Inspection, and to the Governors, staff and students of the school. Last March we decided as a community to keep making the school better because it was what our students deserved. We resolved to do it in our own way and to stay true to the ethos and principles of the school. To now be able to share with you a report that celebrates that achievement is very pleasing. Comments such as, ‘Replies to the staff questionnaires were overwhelmingly positive about the school and leadership. One comment reflects many others: ‘This is great school to work at. I believe in the school as it matches my own ethos for life. We are valued and appreciated completely,’ remind all of us connected to the school that we are achieving what we set out to in 2007.

John Wilkinson,  Headteacher, November 2013

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