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Headteacher’s Welcome


I am very privileged to be the Headteacher of a school which serves the local community so well. This is a very special school for many reasons. Firstly and most importantly we have a fantastic staff that will enable your child to make the very best progress. Whatever the starting point, we as a school make sure each young person is pushed and stretched. This can be summed up by two words from our mission statement – ‘everybody achieves’ and when you walk around the school you can see everybody learning and nobody being left behind. My history in education is very much about making that progress towards academic excellence and narrowing the gaps. I hope you can feel how proud and excited I am to be the Headteacher here at The Elmgreen School.


We believe that learning is a lifelong activity and we also ensure that we make our students ready for the world beyond school. This is a brilliant school. A school full of learning. At Elmgreen we have consistently good teaching and learning in a calm, ordered beautiful environment. At Elmgreen we have an innovative but common sense curriculum that prepares our young people for the exciting challenges of being a global citizen in the 21st Century. Our humanities specialism and links with local, national and international education ensures that we more than fulfill this remit. Education should enrich every individual in our society, regardless of where you come from. That is what education at The Elmgreen School is based on.

The community is the beating heart of The Elmgreen School. As the first Parent Promoted School in England we are rightly proud of how we grew out of the local area. We look after our community and that is so fundamental to the way that the school was founded and what we stand for. We are also growing into a new community. We have formed a small academy trust with the outstanding Rosendale School, called The Great North Wood Education Trust and we chose to do that for so many reasons. Firstly they are a Research School and that expertise in evidence based learning is something that we can learn so much from. Secondly they share our values and we feel that we develop how learning happens at primary and how we can transfer those skills to secondary. I’m so pleased with what our partnership with Rosendale as the Great North Wood Education Trust is going to offer us and you this year and beyond.

The Elmgreen School is a special place to learn. It strives for high results and higher aspirations whilst also retaining strong core values. I hope that by navigating our website, visiting the school and talking to students, staff and parents you can get a sense of what we can offer, what we stand for and what we can achieve together.

Dominic Bergin
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