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Resources, Leadership and Management

Terms of Reference

Resources, Leadership and Management Committee



Not less than 5 governors plus the Head or another nominated member of the senior leadership team, as agreed from time to time by the Governing Body.

The committee may make recommendations to the governing body for co-option of non-governor members. The committee will seek to work on a consensual basis at all times and actively draw on the knowledge and experience of all its members, but, in the event of a decision requiring a vote, only those members who are also voting members of the governing body will participate. The Director of Finance & Administration will normally be a co-opted member of the Committee.



3 governors, always including the Head or another nominated member of the senior leadership team.



The committee will meet at least three times each academic year term prior to the main governing body meeting and otherwise as required.

The committee will receive reports from the school in sufficient detail to undertake planning, monitoring and evaluation and thus enable it to fulfil its strategic role. In order to keep bureaucracy to a minimum, whenever possible reports will be used in common across the school.


Terms of reference

To draw up short, medium and long term financial plans for the school, including plans relating to the repair, maintenance and development of premises, and to recommend action on these plans to the governing body

To approve an annual budget reflecting priorities identified through school self-evaluation and set out in School Development Plan.

To prepare and review financial policy statements

To ensure that proper financial procedures and controls, including audit, are followed by the school.

To agree an effective procedure for monitoring the budget, to consider appropriate reports for the purposes of monitoring, to report the outcomes of monitoring together with an evaluation of the use of resources to the governing body and make any appropriate recommendations designed to ensure value for money and continuous improvement.

To agree the level of delegation and scope for virement between budget headings to the Head for the day to day financial management of the school.

To adopt and keep under review diversity policies, in particular in relation to staff recruitment, retention and development and to report emerging issues to the governing body.

To monitor and keep under review the single equality policy and public sector equality duty

To prepare and monitor a health and safety policy that complies with legislation and to ensure that appropriate checks and assessments are carried out and prioritised for necessary action, and to appoint a governor to lead on Health and Safety issues.

To adopt and keep under review the procedures for dealing with staff discipline and grievances and the criteria for redundancy, and to ensure that staff are consulted and kept informed as appropriate.

To draw up for governing body approval and keep under review a policy on staff consultation, and to undertake consultation as and when appropriate.

To draw up a performance management policy and pay policy for approval by the governing body and to keep these policies under review.

To draw up and keep under review policies relating to staff sickness, welfare, professional development and absence.

To monitor and evaluate regularly, the relevant sections of the SEF, in conjunction with. and to make recommendations to the governing body to address any emerging issues

A Staff Pay Committee consisting of 3 governors (the Chair or Vice Chair of governors, plus 2 non staff governors from the Resources committee) shall be appointed by the governing body. The pay committee shall review the salaries of staff in accordance the pay policy and budget and make recommendations to the committee.

The governing body shall appoint the 3 members of the committee to undertake the performance review of the head teacher and to make recommendations on the salary of the Headteacher and other members of the Senior leadership Team. These governors shall be the governors appointed to the Staff Pay-Committee.

To keep under review the training requirements of the governing body, training opportunities and the effectiveness of any training undertaken.

To appoint representatives to attend any liaison meetings with LB Lambeth, the PPF, and other relevant parties to advance the development of both the permanent and temporary sites for the new school, and to participate, as required, in the appointment and procurement processes for architects, contractors and related appointments.

To take the lead in negotiating, with LB Lambeth and the PPF, a robust set of working arrangements which define on-going maintenance and repair responsibilities. To recommend for approval contracts relating to the upkeep and maintenance of the school buildings, facilities management, ICT, catering and other services as required.

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