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Achievement, Teaching and Learning
Terms of Reference

Achievement, Teaching and Learning Committee



Not less than 5 governors plus the Head or another nominated member of the senior leadership team, as agreed from time to time by the Governing Body.

The committee may make recommendations to the governing body for co-option of non-governor members



3 governors, always including the Head or another nominated member of the senior leadership team.



The committee will meet at least three times each academic year term prior to the main governing body meeting and otherwise as required.

The committee will receive reports from the school in sufficient detail to enable it to undertake its strategic responsibilities for planning, monitoring and evaluation. In order to keep bureaucracy to a minimum, whenever possible reports will be shared in common across the school.


Terms of reference

To maintain a strategic oversight of progress towards the best possible educational and developmental outcomes for our students and the highest possible quality of teaching and pastoral provision. This will involve regular monitoring and evaluation work with named post holders with a view to making recommendations to the governing body to address any issues in these areas. It will encompass, but not be restricted to, a close focus on work designed to help  the school achieve an ‘Outstanding’ grade in respect of those sections of the Ofsted Inspection Framework dealing with student outcomes and quality of provision, excepting those areas relating to the wider community which are within the remit of the Communications and Behaviour Committee

To monitor all SEN provision and to ensure that the statements of children with special needs are met.

To monitor a curriculum which recognises and extends individual talents and abilities of the students.

To regularly review and develop the assessment policy and to ensure that the policy is operating effectively.

To ensure that a teaching and learning policy is in place and resourced and to regularly review the operation of the policy.

To recommend to the governing body targets for school improvement.

To agree and implement a rolling programme of review of curriculum policies, and to recommend policy changes to the governing body as and when necessary.

To monitor provision for children with English as an additional language (EAL) and to ensure that their needs are met.

To review regularly the implementation of any action plan agreed following an OFSTED inspection and to recommend action on the plan to the governing body.

To keep under review the offer of extension activities, including after school clubs, school performances and school educational visits.

To keep under review the equality objectives, in particular in relation to the curriculum, teaching and learning, attainment, progress and assessment, and to report any emerging issues to the relevant committee.

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