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Membership of the governing body


The Local Governing Body of The Elmgreen School is constituted and governed by a Scheme of Delegation approved by the Board of Trustees for the Great North Wood Education Trust

The Scheme of Delegation sets out the categories, numbers and terms of office of governors:

  • 5 foundation governors elected by the Directors of the Parent Promoters Foundation (the schools founding body)
  • 5 parent governors elected by the parents/carers of children attending the school
  • 1 staff governor elected by the staff of the school
  • 1 local authority governor appointed by the London Borough of Lambeth
  • The Headteacher who is a governor by virtue of their role
  • 5 co-opted governors appointed by the governing body following an audit of the additional skills the governing body requires

All governors are elected or appointed for a four year term. The current membership is as follows:

  Category Role/Committee MembershipStart Date End Date
Kate ScraseParentChair of Governors Achievement, Teaching and Learning Committee., Attendance, Teaching and Learning Committee, Resources, Leadership and Management Committee. Staff Pay Committee. Training and Development Link 2015 2019
Michael BradyCooptedVice Chair, Chair of Achievement, Teaching and Learning Committee & Staff Discipline Committee 2015 2019
Jeremy BakerLAAchievement, Teaching and Learning Committee. Chair Student Discipline Committee, Staff Grievance Appeals & Staff Discipline Appeals Appeals. Staff Pay Committee20152019
Dominic BerginHeadHeadteacher. Achievement, Teaching and Learning Committee, Attendance, Behaviour and Communications Committee, Resources, Leadership and Management Committee.2014n/a
Adrian ButlerParentChair of Resources, Leadership and Management Committee. Staff Pay Committee 2015 2019
Adam CallaghanCooptedVice Chair  Resources, Leadership and Management Committee. Chair Staff Pay Committee 2016 2020
Mark ChetwyndFoundationBehaviour  and Communications Committee20182022
Maria CokerParentTBA20182022
Joe CrosbieParentChair of Attendance, Behaviour  and Communications Committee20152019
Liz HalkonFoundationAttendance, Behaviour and Communications Committee20162020
Diana MennieCooptedResources, Leadership and Management Committee 2016 2020
Liz MyersFoundationAttendance, Behaviour  and Communications Committee. 2016 2020
Joan O'MahonyFoundationAchievement, Teaching and Learning Committee. PPF and Parents Council Link 2016 2020
Tony PizzoferroFoundationResources, Leadership and Management Committee. Health and Safety Link 2016 2020
David PogsonStaffTBA20182022
 Nick WoodwardParentAttendance, Behaviour  and Communications Committee 20162020
 Clerk to the Governing Body
 Al Damon n/a n/a
The following left the governing body in the year 2017-18 by resignation or end of term of office
Pauline AlexanderParentEnd of term of office
Chloe LLoydStaffResignation
Benedicte MoureyFoundationResignation


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