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Examination Results

GCSE Results 2018

This year I am really pleased that we are celebrating not only some excellent individual stories but a real step forward for the school as a whole. There are significant improvements in Maths and it is fantastic to see the strategies that Mr Sullivan has put in place start to come to fruition. We also had very strong results in English, Science (with fantastic results in the Triple Science), Art, Business Studies, Computing, Drama, Music, PE GCSE, RE, Resistant Materials and Spanish. In fact nearly all departments made progress on last year’s results. At The Elmgreen School we are always striving for better so that everybody achieves but it also worth noting the progress we have made.

Of course, it is the same for everybody across the country but there is a special well done for our cohort this year as they are the first group to do the new reformed GCSEs. As you will know these are the new no coursework ‘harder’ qualifications that have now been introduced for nearly all subjects. Our Year 11 worked exceptionally hard and should be proud with the results. This is also the first year of almost universal numbers instead of letters. The difficulty achieving the top grades in this system is clear so we are very pleased with how we have done at the highest end.

Our individual success stories are always a joy to share:

  • Alhena Al-Ali Douglas achieved 6 Level 9s, 1 Level 8 and 2 Level 7s.
  • Lian Tattersall –achieved 5 Level 9s, 1 A* and 3 Level 8s.
  • Eloise Regnault achieved 4 Level 9s, 3 Level 8s, 1 Level 7 and 1 Level 6.
  • Rosa Lily Kosowicz achieved 4 Level 9s, 3 Level 8s, 1 Level 7and 1 Level 6. Her brother Alex also got a strong set of results with Level 8s in English and Literature and a Level 9 in Art.
  • Sonny Pickering achieved 3 Level 9s, 1 A*, 4 Level 8s, and 2 Level 7s. His tactic of bringing a toaster (yes, an actual toaster) to his key exams so he could stock up on toast before his exams clearly paid off.
  • Dylan Payne achieved 3 Level 9s, 3 Level 8s, 1 Level 7and 2 Level 6s.
  • Lara Chetwynd achieved 2 Level 9s, 1 A*, 4 Level 8s, 1 Level 7 and 1 Level 6.
  • Nico Ducceschi achieved 2 Level 9s, 2 level 8s, 1 A, 3 level 7s, 1 level 6.
  • Kitty O’Hara achieved 2 Level 9s, 2 level 8s, 3 Level 7s and a Level 6.
  • Juan Jose Tenorio achieved 2 Level 9s, 2 level 8s, 4 Level 6s and 1 Level 5.
  • Daniel McKenzie achieved 1 Level 9, 6 Level 8s and 1 Level 7.
  • Illias Elyaakoubi-Benssaleh achieved 6 Level 8s, 3 level 6s and 1 Level 5.
  • Scarlett King – achieved 1 Level 9, 1 A*, 3 Level 7s and 4 Level 6s.
  • Elizabeth Fraser achieved 2 Level 9s, 2 Level 7s, 4 Level 6 and a Level 5.
  • Marcy Cottrell-Claughan achieved 4 Level 8s and 4 Level 7s.
  • Gabrielle Nunekpeku achieved 3 Levels 8, 3 Level 7s and 1 A.

To put those grades into perspective Marcy and Gabrielle, who did not achieve a level 9 would have achieved straight As and A*s in the old system. What an achievement for all.

A special mention to Guilherme Soares who joined us in Year 11 through our International School. He achieved an A in Portuguese but astonishingly he achieved a Level 4 in English Language, a Level 6 in Maths and a Level 7 in English Literature. What an achievement of which he and his family can be very proud. A real testament to the staff who work with our International School students.

I’m sure you will join with me in congratulating all of our young people and a special thank you to Ms Lloyd who has led the year so ably in our first year of our new system. We hope to see the vast majority of them in our Sixth Form next year as they continue on their educational journey.


Progress 8-0.38
Attainment 843.86
Percentage of students attaining a Grade 4 or above in both English & Maths51%
Percentage of students attaining a Grade 5 or above in both English & Maths31%
Percentage of students attaining an Ebacc (Grade 4 or above in English, Maths, Science, a Humanity and a Langauge)18%
Average EBacc APS score per pupil3.8

Sixth Form Results 2018

We are always proud of our young people as they collect their A level results and prepare for the next stage of their life. Our A Level results, as ever are strong and we remain very proud of the individual success stories.

Our Head Boy and Girl have done well. It is always worth noting them as they contribute so much to the school and I have said to them on a number of occasions that I think they are the best we have ever had. Finn Allott achieved two A*s and an A and will be taking a gap year before reading Psychology at Birmingham and Maria Taylor achieved an A*ACC and is working in Lambeth through her Youth Parliament role before deciding on her university. They are both a credit to the school and we wish them the best.

Vlad Popescu achieved an A*AB and Ruby Rogers achieved an AAB and will be reading English and Creative Writing at Birmingham. Two A*s were achieved by Edie Adams and she will be studying Fashion Photography at UAL. Ellie Mutten achieved an AA* and will be studying Sociology. Isabella Costello Wilson achieved A*ABB and will be studying Art and Design. Tom Shennan achieved ABB and will be studying Civil Engineering at Liverpool. Yahya Sheikh also achieved ABB and will be studying Maths at Sheffield. We also had a group of students achieving BBB. Well done to Laureen Adewusi, Stephan Carvalho, Sam Crosbie and Joshua Pizzoferro who will be reading Bio Medicine, Geology, Psychology and Music.

At The Elmgreen School we attach equal weight to our more vocational qualifications. Increasingly industry is looking for high quality Level 3 qualifications. The following students have done exceptionally well. Faeem Ahmed a Distinction and Distinction* and will be starting an apprenticeship, as will Corina Strajescu who also gained a Distinction. Salman Hyderkhan also achieved a Distinction Merit and a Distinction and is now following a course in Business Management at Westminster.

When I think of my own A level results of BBC in 1991 I am always in awe of our young people and what they achieve. In recent years there has been a tendency to say that exams have got easier and somehow it wasn’t as hard as it was years ago. I would dispute this, but it is definitely the case that the new linear exam focused courses this year are just as rigorous and demanding as those exams thirty years ago. The above students should be very proud of themselves. I’m sure you will join with me and the staff in congratulating everybody, not just here but at all of our SL6 schools. A Level results are an important milestone and this really is the point where our young people start to become young men and women and go out into the big world. We hope they take The Elmgreen Way with them and have a fantastic time in what they do next.

Dominic Bergin, Headteacher


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