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GCSE/BTEC 2019 Student Success

At the Elmgreen School we are very proud of our students who have collected their GCSE results.  We have some very pleasing results. It is particularly good to see the steady improvement of GSCE Maths and across the school we also did well with students achieving very high grades. Well done to the Class of 2019.


Key Stage 4 2019 Headline Results

  • Progress 8 score: -0.49
  • GCSE Grade 5 in English and maths GCSEs: 24%
  • EBacc average point score: 3.34
  • Attainment 8 Score: 39.3
  • Entering Ebacc: 42.1%


 Key Stage 5 2019 Headline Figures

A Level Results

  • Progress score: -0.06
  • Average Point Score: 26.79
  • Average grade: C-


BTEC qualifications

  • Progress score: 0.02
  • Average Point Score: 23.21
  • Average grade: Merit-


Millie Guy is our highest performing GCSE student, achieving six level 9 grades, two level 8s and one level 7.

Other impressive results are Jonathan Butler, who achieved five level 9 grades, three level 8s and a level 5. Rosalie Kerr achieved three level 9 grades, four level 8s and two level 7s. James Woodward achieved three level 9 grades, four level 8s, a level 7 and a level 6. Olivia Webb achieved two level 9 grades, four level 8s, two level 7s and a level 6. Orphy Flood achieved two level 9 grades, one level 8, three level 7s and three level 6s. Emma Taylor achieved one level 9 grade, six level 8s, two level 7s and a level 6. Willoughby Hardwicke achieved six level 8 grades, a level 7 and two level 6s. Heron Krishnan achieved three level 8 grades, five level 7s and a level 5. Silvia Georgieva achieved two level 8 grades, five level 7s, a level 6 and a level 5.

The following students also achieved some outstanding results, with many attaining 9 GCSEs at a level 4 grade or above;

Erica Castro achieved one level 9, three level 7s, four level 5s and a level 4 grade. Juan Garcia-Millan achieved one level 9, one level 7, two level 6s, two level 5s and three level 4s. Valeria Millan-Barreiro achieved one level 9, two level 7s, one level 6, one level 5 and three level 4s. Wasimba Rose achieved one BTEC Distinction grade, two level 8s, two level 7s, two level 6s, a level 5 and a level 4. Ephraim Baffour-Asamoah achieved one BTEC Distinction grade, one level 7, four level 6s, two level 5s and a level 4.

Mirabelle Haddon achieved two level 8s, a level 7, four level 5s and two level 4s. Antonio Uta achieved two level 7s, two level 6s, two level 5s and three level 4s. Lauraina Amoo-Gottfried achieved one level 7, three level 6s, two level 5s and three level 4s. Zaynab Ali achieved one level 8, three level 7s, four level 6s and a level 5.  Joline Sowatey achieved a BTEC Distinction *, one level 6, three level 5s and three level 4s.

Well done to all of our young people. This is of course the first year with all of the GCSEs being reformed and our children have given their absolute best.

The GCSE results are of course a passport to the future and nearly all the students mentioned above will be joining us on the next stage of that journey. This year at A Level Elmgreen students are going on to Oxbridge and a number of Russell Group universities. We are very proud to have a vibrant and incredibly popular Sixth Form that is ready to take our new cohort onto great things.

Sixth Form Results 2019

At The Elmgreen School we are always proud of our young people as they collect their A Level and BTEC results and prepare for the next stage of their life. Our results are as strong as ever and we remain very proud, not only of the individual success stories but of the way that our young people are now prepared for the next phase of their development.

Matthew Day is our highest performing student this year. Having studied four A Levels, Matthew achieved three A*’s in A Level Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths and an A grade in A Level History. He is going on to study Medicine at University of Manchester. Vlad Popescu achieved an impressive set of results with two A* grades in History and Biology and an A in Chemistry. Vlad will be reading History at Mansfield College at Oxford University.

Louis Jameson achieved two A*’s in Maths and Economics and a B grade in History and will be studying Economics, Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. Moleka Newman who also studied four A Levels achieved an A* in Sociology, two A’s in Psychology and History and a B grade in English Literature. Following a gap year, Moleka has secured a place at the University of Manchester to study History and Sociology.

Sebastian Da Costa achieved two A grades in Sociology and History and a B grade in Music. He will be off to Southampton to study History and Film. Alfie Wells, Eve Watson and Jennifer Ojemere all achieved three B grades and will study Chemical Physics, American Studies and Psychology at Bristol and Manchester. Emily Sheils achieved an A, B and a C in Art, Geography and Psychology and will be studying Art and Design at Camberwell College of Arts.

Our Year 13 twins, Alison and David Cando-Avila joined the sixth form on our Level 2 pathway having just arrived in the country from Ecuador. We are immensely proud of both students who achieved excellent A Level and BTEC results, as they spoke practically no English on arrival.  After both achieving pass grades in GSCE English, Alison achieved an A in Spanish, C in Media Studies and a Distinction in BTEC Business. Alison is holding an offer from Northumbria University to study Fashion Marketing. David achieved C in Design Technology, B in Spanish and a Merit in ICT and will be going on to study Architecture at Nottingham Trent University. It just goes to show what hard work and determination will get you. A fantastic achievement.

At The Elmgreen School, and thankfully now in wider society, we attach equal weight to our vocational qualifications and the following students have done exceptionally well in their BTEC courses. Safia Abdullah achieved a Distinction* in BTEC Business, Brandon Braybrook and David Ibrahim both achieved Distinctions in BTEC ICT and Britney Arnold achieved a Distinction in Health and Social Care. Klaudia Hoffman achieved an A* in Polish and two Merit grades in BTEC Sport.

The above students, indeed all of the students in the Sixth Form, should be very proud of themselves. I’m sure you will join with me and the staff in congratulating everybody, not just here but at all of our SL6 schools and indeed across Lambeth. Whether it’s university, apprenticeships or the workplace and whether our young people have been with us for seven years or two we hope they all take The Elmgreen Way with them and have a fantastic time in whatever they do next.







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